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The following responsibilities and tasks will be carried out by
Healthy@Work in support of the Suncoast Wellness Card.

  • Negotiating corporate rates with all service and product providers.
  • Maintaining a contractual arrangement with all service and product providers as well as organizations purchasing the card for their employees.
  • Producing a personalized plastic or laminated card for members.
  • Providing a copy of the Healthy @Work pocket-book for very employee.
  • Maintaining a web site with information on all service and product providers including contact names, addresses, phone numbers, operating hours, relevant dates for courses, a customer satisfaction feedback service, wellness articles and much more.
  • Establishment of a complete schedule of Healthy @Work workshops with topics, instructors, dates, locations, topic summaries, cost (if any apply) and pertinent reservation information.
  • Participant valuation surveys to ensure continuous improvement.
  • A fully staffed hotline to answer any questions about upcoming vents or
    customer relation concerns.
  • An evaluation of service and product provider satisfaction with the Suncoast Wellness Card program to ensure their ongoing support and satisfaction.
  • A complete marketing program to encourage optimal use of the services and products available including web site bulletins, newsletters with special articles, announcements, and customer comments, as well as special presentations to familiarize employees with the benefits to be derived from the various services and products available.
  • Assistance to employers to help assess the benefits accruing to their organization due to participation in the Suncoast Wellness Card program.


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