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The Healthy Smoker
The author describes healthy smokers he has known and studied, and explains how this health phenomenon is possible.   This concept flies directly in the face of conventional medical wisdom which contends that smokers are among the unhealthiest people on the Planet. That well-established opinion further claims that smokers can become healthy only by quitting their habit.

Even if you do not quit smoking at the end of 12 weeks, Dr. Bens guarantees most of you will be much healthier than when you started this program.
The author, Charles K. Bens, Ph.D., says this conventional wisdom is all wet and his research clearly shows that any smoker can actually become healthier than the average American.   Of course, Dr. Bens notes, this is not difficult because the average American is not very healthy.   Over 40% of the U.S. population is chronically ill, over 63% are overweight and only 16% get the daily exercise they need, according to The National Institutes of Health and The Centers for Disease Control.


Quitting smoking cold turkey is often bad advice, according to Dr. Bens, which is proven by the fact that 70% of cold turkey quitters are smoking again within three months and 90% are smoking again within eighteen months.   This high remission rate is due to the fact that tobacco is a stronger addiction than either cocaine or heroin, according to many medical studies.   This is precisely, Dr. Bens says, why becoming healthier first is the best strategy for smokers who want to quit, because this gradually reduces the body's dependency on, and desire for, nicotine and the 14 other addictive chemicals in cigarettes.
The health consequences of smoking are clearly spelled out in his book, reminding smokers of the many reasons they need to become healthier and eventually quit.   The book also suggests several standard, as well as some rather unique, tests to determine how much impact smoking has already had on one's body.   Measuring the level of oxygen and the level of antioxidants in the body are just two of the more interesting ways a smoker can find out what is going on inside the body.   This testing is critical, according to Dr. Bens, because potential diseases such as heart disease and cancer are not easily detected in standard medical checkups.


Dr. Bens' book lays out a step-by-step program for becoming healthier: making the easiest changes first and gradually work your way up to the more difficult changes.   His book cites clinical studies indicating that supplements such as curcumin and green tea extract can reduce the risk of cancer and lung disease by over 50%.   Smokers who take these two supplements daily will become healthier than smokers who do not.
Detoxification is a highly recommended element of THE HEALTHY SMOKER program.   This involves a regular sauna or a massage , eating a few important vegetables , and taking a special detoxification formula developed by Vaxa International.
By using the natural therapies recommended in his book, Dr. Bens contends that the average smoker can be much healthier in about 12 weeks.   Smokers will have more energy, experience less stress, be able to decrease the number of cigarettes they smoke daily, and be in an ideal position to quit smoking with virtually no withdrawal symptoms and no desire to return to smoking later.
A free workbook with checklists and self-assessments can be downloaded by anyone who has purchased THE HEALTHY SMOKER book and supplements.   Four basic supplement formulas are recommended, at a fraction of the cost of supplements recommended in other cessation programs.
Even if you do not quit smoking at the end of 12 weeks, Dr. Bens guarantees most of you will be much healthier than when you started this program.
Over 125 scientific studies are used to support every therapy recommended, from exercise and nutrition to acupuncture and homeopathy.   The natural medical science to support this program has been available for years, but no one has ever put it together in the easy-to-read and easy-to-use format presented in THE HEALTHY SMOKER .   For the 90% of smokers who want to quit but who have been unable to, this may finally be the answer for which they have been hoping.
An additional benefit to smokers is that this book will likely be purchased by the loved ones of people who smoke.   Dr. Bens and his associates estimate that as many as 90% of anticipated sales will be to family members and friends of smokers who want to ensure their loved ones will be around for years to come.  
Dr. Bens hopes these loved ones will join the smokers in this program because all of us can improve our health by following THE HEALTHY SMOKER program guidelines.

Book Purchasers (Partial List)

  • Canadian Government - Human Resource Department
  • The Honda Motor Company
  • American Environmental Health Foundation
  • The Zenith Insurance Company
  • Elementary School Teachers of Ontario
  • Miami Dade Housing Agency
  • Ontario Municipal Employers Retirement System
  • CGI (management and insurance consultants)
  • Hillsborough County Government
  • Walgreens
  • Fountain Family Medicine
  • Dayton Medical Center
  • Sunspot Natural Foods
  • Rexall Pharmacy
  • Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada)
  • Wellcraft Marine
  • The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy
  • Healthcare Sarasota

Healthy at Work

The Employee Health Solution

Over 70% of all health care costs are avoidable. Is your company doing enough to educate your employees so they can keep health costs down? Most employers are not doing enough which is the main reason why health insurance premiums are going through the roof. Wellness programs can be expensive and time consuming as well as produce questionable results if not done well. There is a much better way to tackle this problem as hundreds of companies have already found out. They have purchased Healthy At Work: Your Pocket Guide to Good Health . Employees rave about this little pocket sized book because they
use it to prevent wellness as well as find proven natural therapies for chronic health problems.
This little book saves employers a minimum of $3.00 for every $1.00 of cost through reduced absenteeism and reduced use of health services.
It puts the responsibility for prevention where it should be, with employees. At less than $6.00 per book this will be the best investment your company has ever made in employee health. For a free copy of this amazing little book please use one of the contact methods below.

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