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  1. Have you taken corticosteroid drugs or antibiotics frequently or for an extended period of time (2 or more weeks in a year)?
  2. Have you had yeast infections (vaginitis, prostatitis, etc.) in your genital or urinary tract (more than 3 in one year)?
  3. Do you experience discharges from your vaginal or rectal area?
  4. Do you crave sweets, bread or alcoholic bever­ages?
  5. Do you suffer from chronic sinus drainage or infec­tions in your ears or sinus areas?
  6. Do you suffer from fungus infections on your feet, in your nails, or on other parts of your body?
  7. Do you often feel physically or mentally fatigued?
  8. Do you have chronic digestive problems including bloating, gas, constipation, or diarrhea?
  9. Are you overly sensitive to chemicals such as perfume, tobacco, paint, smoke, or insecticides?
  10. Do your symptoms seem to be worse on a damp day

1 2 Yes answers
means you probably don't have a candidiasis problem at this time, but should monitor these questions periodically.
3 6 Yes answers indicate you very likely do have a candidiasis infection and should take counter meas­ures including those mentioned in this book, as well as a visit to your natural health care professional.
7 10 Yes answers indicate you probably have a seri­ous candidiasis infection and should take steps imme­diately to address it. Medication may be required ini­tially to reverse the infection, followed by the diet and other measures recommended in this book. Other sources for treatment should also be accessed.

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