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(Partially modeled on a test developed by Robert S. Eliot, M.D.)

Score as follows:

5 = All the time
4 =
3 =
2 =
1 =

  1. My stress is caused by forces beyond my control. _______
  2. When change is required, I become anxious. _______
  3. I am dissatisfied with my personal relationships. ________
  4. I am tired because of demands at work and at home. _______
  5. I don't seem to have enough time to finish things. _______
  6. I have financial pressures that are difficult to deal with. _______
  7. I dislike my work and can't risk trying to change it. _______
  8. I feel disappointment about my achievements. _______
  9. I don't take advice or criticism very well. _______
  10. I feel that many people are dependent on me. _______
  11. I find it hard to ask for help. _______
  12. I use food, smoking, or alcohol to help me cope. _______
  13. I do not handle anger very well. _______
  14. I feel there are few people I can trust and confide in. _______
  15. I feel that things will not work out for me. _______

Scoring Analysis:

15 29 Excellent You have things under control and are probably happy.
30 44 Good
You are emotionally stable and can improve in some areas.
45 69 Concern
You have more stress than you can handle and could use some help making a plan to avoid stress in some areas.
60 75 Danger You have too many stressful situations and need professional assistance to help reverse and/or manage your problems.


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